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Drifter TV studio
Haparandadam 7 D9
KVK 34148189


May 15

Green, green, green...

Spring and early summer are excellent times to get some inspiration from nature. Trees and bushes are not yet in full bloom but they did outgrew there ‘greenhaze’ phase. I started working on some new drawings and digital paintings and released a small publication about my work. if you have an interest in my work, i recently opened an Etsy-shop named NM Gallery, where i sell drawings and prints.

April 22

What grows there?

Small publication of drawings i made in 2023, you can purchase a copy HERE

10 November

Ambi puur

My drawings and prints will be part of the groupshow ‘Ambi puur’ in collaboration with Tom van Teylingen, Annekatrien de Maar, Marcella Kuiper and Marcel Wesdorp. The Exhibition takes place in het Vrijpaleis Amsterdam.